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Equipment Rental Guide

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Different Kinds Of Security Metal Detectors



In any metal detectors, its main parts consist of the shaft, search coil and the control box. What consist the latter are batteries, speak as well as a microprocessor that is coordinating all activities. There are so many companies that have used security metal detector to be able to protect food source. Truth is, even drug companies make use of such equipment to be able to check their drugs for the same thing.


You may want to ask why there is a security metal detector rental. Apart from the metal detection, most of the walk-through metal detectors have an interface for the operator and control unit along with environmental tolerance, assurance of quality control and electromagnetic compatibility. Basically, the control box is the brain of every metal detector.


A great and very effective method to locate and prevent the utilization of dangerous items similar to knives or handguns in malls, museums, especially in airports and terminals are called as hand held metal detector. They're actually hand held security metal detectors as well as a walk through metal detector. On the other hand, the walk over models of such equipment are primarily used in airports to provide stringent security and to guarantee the safety of every passenger.


Having a low rate of false alarm, a two way directional system, consistent detection and high target selection is considered to be the best rated walk in the metal detectors. Also, there are cheap metal detectors from that are offered in waterproof, walk through and hand held models. The ability of providing effective and quick processing is what walk through metal detectors can do.


On the other hand, it may possibly cost you approximately 400 to 600 dollars to buy underwater metal detectors. The underwater metal detectors are frequently used in locating metallic objects underwater. As a matter of fact, underwater construction firms are using underwater metal detectors for its cable or pipeline locating functions. In addition to that, some of these underwater metal detectors can adjust its search depth.


Using low x-ray radiation for its screening are seen in most of the developed and more advanced security metal detectors. Aside from that, it is common for the metal detectors to have microprocessor technology in checking for coarse grained food in popcorn, noodles and cornflakes. More improved gold detectors are also capable of resisting moisture and dust and some are even equipped with different modes for the speed tracking.


Most of the time, the cost of the metal detector will start somewhere at 65 dollars but there are sites that are willing to offer discounts on its pricing. Majority of the sites are also providing a quick list of the metal detectors. The cost of the metal detectors may also vary depending on the functions and features it have. Read on from this post at and gain more idea about the use of metal detectors.